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How to create a video for YouTube!

With video on the rise, storytelling has become an absolutely dominant tool for brands in their arsenal social strategy. With the rise of video, there has also been a rise in the number of platforms available to share a story.

YouTube has been a dominant power in the realm of social video. It has redefined the meaning of how a video achieves storytelling, success and conversation.

With over 1 billion active users and a staggering 4 billion daily video views, creating YouTube content for brands is not just a suggestion, it is a necessity.  And with the power of mobile, it has become easy to shoot, edit and share all from the palm of our hand.

The following video was shot entirely on iPhone 6 with Moment Lenses, edited with iMovie for iOS and Flixel Cinemagraph Pro for iOS.

iMovie for iOS allowed me to import the desired videos from my camera roll. Once in the app, I dragged the videos in order and trimmed it down. I used the speed feature to create the videos into a timelapse. I then imported a song from my music library and arranged the existing videos to the song.


I also added some cinemagraphs which I created using Flixel Cinemagraph Pro. I imported video and masked over the part of the video I wanted to be in motion and added a loop and exported it as an MP4 cinemagraph.


I then uploaded the video using the iOS app for YouTube.

Key takeaways for a successful YouTube video:

  • Shoot it in a way that’s relatable to the audience
  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Use annotations

Why You Should Use LinkedIn In Your Digital Strategy

LinkedIn has proved itself to be a platform that not only establishes an individual’s professional identity, but also for brands to establish theirs.

Here are some reasons on why LinkedIn should be an integral part of your brand’s digital marketing strategy:


Basic CSS & HTML Coding

CSS and Html are like spaghetti and meatballs, like a burger and coke, like mac and cheese. When done well, it works together to make a webpage look appealing and dynamic. In this post, I will be showing examples of some basic CSS & HTML magic on WordPress.


Theme 1: Twenty Fourteen



I chose to change:

  • the color of the title text
  • the background color of the title
  • the color of the paragraph

Here are the screenshots of changes in the CSS:






Theme 2: Hemmingway



Here, the changes I made were:

  • Highlight the H1 text, which when hovered over, should match the colors of the social media icons on the side.
  • Change the background color of the page.
  • Change the font of the paragraph to Helvetica.

Here are the screenshots of the changes in the CSS:




Google Analytics Coding:





Creating Images using Online and Mobile Editors

With numerous photo editing and enhancing tools available online and on mobile, composing high level visual content for brands to use on Social Media has become easier than ever.

The following image was created for a product by Soylent to convey the feel of an easy and quick fix for daily nutrition.


The image was shot on an iPhone 6 with a tele lens from Moment.

The image was then edited  using VSCO‘s mobile app. The E1 filter was applied with additional adjustments to contrast, exposure, temperature, sharpness and crop.

The image was then imported into Canva‘s web-based tool. Here, I added a text template from their available presets. I changed the color of the template to match the overall theme and color of the image. I changed the font to Montserrat Light. I chose to keep the text with subtlety on the bottom left so as to not take away from the theme of the image.


#MakeMoments for Moment Lens Co.


Moment Lens Co. are the makers of premium high quality lenses and photography accessories for smartphones.

Social Media Concept for Moment

Since Moment is a photography product company, the best resources to market with on social media would be the pictures shot with its lenses & accessories. The concept will be an Instagram campaign targeted to draw photography enthusiasts in to start using the products to capture incredible pictures with their smartphones.

The creatives will be composed with colorful, bold & subtle tones that the viewers will be able relate to and push them to create similar photos with the product.

Creative #1

This first image is to show the compatibility and effectiveness of the product in a fast-paced setting in being able to deliver a solid & sharp result.


Shot with iPhone 6 & Moment Wide. Edited with Snapseed & VSCO

Creative #2

This image is to show the possibilities of the product in being able to include more elements into a shot without the risk of being a novelty.


Shot with iPhone 6 & Moment Superfish. Edited with Snapseed & VSCO

Creative #3

The 3rd post is a cinemagraph of the product being displayed in action. This post will be highly effective in engagement because of the aspect of motion centered around the product.

Shot with Canon 5D. Edited with Lightroom & Cinemagraph Pro

SWOT Analysis & The Ansoff Matrix: Two Effective Strategy Models

In the current business environment, constructing an organization’s strategy is of the utmost importance. There are a lot of different strategic models to pick from. Picking one that determines financial success for your organization is key.

In the following video, I highlight 2 strategic models, I found were straight-up & to-the-point. SWOT Analysis & The Ansoff Matrix are structured and foolproof strategies that businesses can adopt into defining their path to success.

Visual Storytelling: Two Brands That Are Doing It Right

Visual content is everything on Social Media. It’s what grabs the attention of your viewer. The key to maintaining an engaging relationship with your online community is through stunning visual storytelling. The images you share should resonate with your audience on a personal level. Here are two brands that are great at sharing thumb-stopping images on social media:

Warby Parker:

Image by Warby Parker

As an eyewear company, Warby Parker shares creative images of their products subtly nested in environments that relate to the character or style of certain frames. This particular image conveys a sense of coziness & warmth and instils the need for the same from the eyes of the viewer. The description to the picture talks about a very relatable scenario and sheds more light on the other elements in the picture rather than the product, which shows that the brand focuses more on storytelling rather than pushing for sales.

Moment Lens:

Image by Alex Rincon, Posted by Moment Lens

Mobile photography connoisseurs and lens makers, Moment Lens, share images that have been taken by their community using their products on their social media. They use their online platforms, more to share the work of their community, rather than their own, which motivates the audience to post more pictures on to social media using Moment’s products.

Strategy & Tactics: A Tandem Relationship

You’re a budding entrepreneur and you want to start a T-Shirt company. You eventually want to own a clothing line. But hey, almost everyone with a Macbook and a Shopify account has a T-Shirt company. You need to be different. So you build a brand around a story or an “idea”. Your story is “Toronto & Proud”. There’s your strategy.


Fig 1(

Now you need it to actually work. You’re going to have to convince millennials that frequent the streets of Queen & King that your brand will help them let the rest of the world know that they’re proud of where they come from. You devise a plan to start a movement. You come up with a really catchy hashtag. Let’s assume “#6ixAndStones” for now. You start sharing faded & high-contrast pictures of people repping your brand doing normal Toronto things. Baseball season is here and you use your growing Social Media influence to get in touch with Josh Donaldson’s people. He loves the idea of wearing your brand for a “close-to-home” Instagram post. Before you know it, people are flocking to your website to get some Toronto-bred swag. There are some tactics.


Fig 2(

Strategy and tactics go hand in hand. For any company, big or small, having a clear-cut strategy that helps in achieving its overall goal and purpose is of utmost importance. Tactics are specific short-term methods and best practices that help a company in its strategy.

An organisation’s health and success relies on its members understanding the differences between strategy and tactics and how they work in tandem. According to Jeremiah Owyang, a company should ensure that all implemented tactics align with the company strategy and all the strategies understand the tactics that will help achieve its goals.
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