Moment Lens Co. are the makers of premium high quality lenses and photography accessories for smartphones.

Social Media Concept for Moment

Since Moment is a photography product company, the best resources to market with on social media would be the pictures shot with its lenses & accessories. The concept will be an Instagram campaign targeted to draw photography enthusiasts in to start using the products to capture incredible pictures with their smartphones.

The creatives will be composed with colorful, bold & subtle tones that the viewers will be able relate to and push them to create similar photos with the product.

Creative #1

This first image is to show the compatibility and effectiveness of the product in a fast-paced setting in being able to deliver a solid & sharp result.


Shot with iPhone 6 & Moment Wide. Edited with Snapseed & VSCO

Creative #2

This image is to show the possibilities of the product in being able to include more elements into a shot without the risk of being a novelty.


Shot with iPhone 6 & Moment Superfish. Edited with Snapseed & VSCO

Creative #3

The 3rd post is a cinemagraph of the product being displayed in action. This post will be highly effective in engagement because of the aspect of motion centered around the product.

Shot with Canon 5D. Edited with Lightroom & Cinemagraph Pro