You’re a budding entrepreneur and you want to start a T-Shirt company. You eventually want to own a clothing line. But hey, almost everyone with a Macbook and a Shopify account has a T-Shirt company. You need to be different. So you build a brand around a story or an “idea”. Your story is “Toronto & Proud”. There’s your strategy.


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Now you need it to actually work. You’re going to have to convince millennials that frequent the streets of Queen & King that your brand will help them let the rest of the world know that they’re proud of where they come from. You devise a plan to start a movement. You come up with a really catchy hashtag. Let’s assume “#6ixAndStones” for now. You start sharing faded & high-contrast pictures of people repping your brand doing normal Toronto things. Baseball season is here and you use your growing Social Media influence to get in touch with Josh Donaldson’s people. He loves the idea of wearing your brand for a “close-to-home” Instagram post. Before you know it, people are flocking to your website to get some Toronto-bred swag. There are some tactics.


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Strategy and tactics go hand in hand. For any company, big or small, having a clear-cut strategy that helps in achieving its overall goal and purpose is of utmost importance. Tactics are specific short-term methods and best practices that help a company in its strategy.

An organisation’s health and success relies on its members understanding the differences between strategy and tactics and how they work in tandem. According to Jeremiah Owyang, a company should ensure that all implemented tactics align with the company strategy and all the strategies understand the tactics that will help achieve its goals.
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