Visual content is everything on Social Media. It’s what grabs the attention of your viewer. The key to maintaining an engaging relationship with your online community is through stunning visual storytelling. The images you share should resonate with your audience on a personal level. Here are two brands that are great at sharing thumb-stopping images on social media:

Warby Parker:

Image by Warby Parker

As an eyewear company, Warby Parker shares creative images of their products subtly nested in environments that relate to the character or style of certain frames. This particular image conveys a sense of coziness & warmth and instils the need for the same from the eyes of the viewer. The description to the picture talks about a very relatable scenario and sheds more light on the other elements in the picture rather than the product, which shows that the brand focuses more on storytelling rather than pushing for sales.

Moment Lens:

Image by Alex Rincon, Posted by Moment Lens

Mobile photography connoisseurs and lens makers, Moment Lens, share images that have been taken by their community using their products on their social media. They use their online platforms, more to share the work of their community, rather than their own, which motivates the audience to post more pictures on to social media using Moment’s products.